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Thousands on the streets of Brighton for the Children's Parade

Colourful Children's Parade Photo: Brighton Festival

The streets of Brighton have been awash with colour as thousands march in the annual Children's Parade as part of this year's Brighton Festival.

Around 3,500 school children, the majority dressed in costumes, have been taking part in the event.

The Children's Parade officially marks the start of the Brighton Festival with show stopping costumes designed and made by youngsters.

Fifty eight local schools take part in the procession with around 10,000 people watching the parade.

Children's Parade Credit: Brighton Festival

Schools have been allocated a folk tale from a selection chosen to reflect the diversity of artists taking part in the Festival.

The stories have been studied and explored by teachers and pupils before being presented in costume, music and carnival structures.

Time to dress up Credit: Brighton Festival

Folk tales are typically stories that are passed down from generation to generation and are often linked to childhood memories, when parents or grandparents would tell them at bedtime. There are so many fascinating folk tales to explore, from the Anansi tales of West Africa to European tales by Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm. We can’t wait to see the wildly imaginative creations that participating schools and community groups will present.

– Pippa Smith, Brighton Festival's Children & Family programmer