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'We're at crisis point': Schools in the Meridian region reveal the scale of underfunding

Pupils and headteachers say the situation is 'unacceptable' Photo: ITV News

Pupils and headteachers across the ITV Meridian region say they are at crisis point due to underfunding.

Carpets are being held together with sticky tape, classrooms are damp and leaking and many schools are having to fundraise for basic equipment.

  • Watch the full report by Sangeeta Bhabra:

Interviewees: Phillip Potter, Headteacher & Catriona Lane, Deputy Headteacher & Charlene Robertson, Learning Mentor & Joe Etienne, Teaching Assistant, Learning Support Unit & Sharon Kettlewell, Business Manager, Oak Grove College

1 in 3
state secondary schools are in deficit

The footage below shows the state of one school in the Meridian region:

The Government says every local authority has been given more money for every pupil in every school.

But those on the frontline say the Government funding is just not enough.

  • Hear direct from pupils at Carden Primary in Brighton:

There's no school assistants any more and there's a lot of kids that need help."

"The repair of the school isn't great - we've got loads of bits in corners and the pain is kind of coming off - the carpets are all tearing apart and the teachers have done as much as they could to put tape over it and stick it back down."

– Pupils, Carden Primary, Brighton

It follows a march in London by hundreds of headteachers in September 2018 over what they are calling "unsustainable" budget shortfalls.

Interviewees: Catriona Lane, Deputy Headteacher & Mark Anstiss, Headteacher

To highlight the issue further we gained special access to Carden Primary in Brighton, where they kept lessons running out of hours to help us to understand the issue.

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