Life-changing drug for people with Multiple Sclerosis approved by health chiefs

This month, the first and only treatment for patients with the most debilitating form of Multiple Sclerosis has been approved by health chiefs for routine use on the NHS.

People living with 'Early Primary Progressive MS' have up until now only been able to manage their condition with various medications.

One man from Gillingham living with PPMS says for him, the new drug will be life-changing.

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10 years ago, Jon Jeffery was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS.

There's no cure.

For the past decade Jon has managed his symptoms with medication and physiotherapy - the future didn't look good.

  • Jon Jeffery, living with Primary Progressive MS

Primary progressive MS unlike other forms of the disease will see symptoms gradually worsen, leading to more disability.

Until now there has been no drug available to treat the progression of the condition.

Now Ocrelizumab has been approved to be made available on the NHS and is proven to slow down the symptoms.

  • Philip Anderson, MS Society

There are currently 100,000 living with MS in the UK.

Around 15,000 of those people will be helped by this new drug.

It's expected to be made available from September.

The drug is expected to be made available from September. Credit: ITV Meridian