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Philippa has the weekend weather for the east

Philippa has the latest weather Photo: ITV Meridian

A mix of bright spells and showers today, the shower fading to leave a dry night with some mist patches developing by dawn. Sunday will soon brighten up again with scattered, locally heavy showers bubbling up as the temperatures rise.

Today:Rather cloudy start and misty in places, but mostly dry. Bright or sunny spells developing into the afternoon with scattered showers, these could be locally rather heavy and slow-moving. Maximum temperature 19 °C.

Tonight:Residual evening showers dying out to leave dry conditions with clear spells. Some patchy mist is likely to form with winds remaining light. Minimum temperature 6 °C.

Sunday:Early mist patches dispersing to give a mainly dry morning with warm sunny spells. Scattered afternoon showers developing in the west, locally heavy, but largely dry in the east.. Maximum temperature 21 °C.