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The latest weather in the ITV Meridian region

Kate Haskell has the weather for the ITV Meridian region Photo: ITV Meridian

The forecast for the west of the ITV Meridian region.

For those of you in Kent and East Sussex, here's your weather forecast.

Looking ahead to this evening and it will start rather cloudy. A few clear spells will start to develop with most showers dying out by midnight. Some mist and fog patches may form later in the night. Winds will remain light. Minimum temperature 8 deg C (46 deg F).

Tomorrow will be bright with sunny spells, once any early mist and fog clears. A few showers will develop by the afternoon, but most places staying dry. Feeling warm inland last on. Maximum temperature 20 deg C (68 deg F).

The outlook for Tuesday to Thursday is more in the way of sunshine but with some showers, possibly heavy, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some rain is possible on Thursday, but this will probably be light and patchy. It will feel warm during most afternoons.