A mother from Oxford, who has been searching for her son's missing body for 17 years, is supporting calls for a new law to deny parole to killers, who don't reveal the location of their victims' bodies.

Sheila Dolton's son Jonathan was just 20 when he was killed in 2002 by his former business partner, Stewart Martin. He was convicted of manslaughter at Reading Crown Court.

Sheila repeatedly pleaded with him to reveal the location of her son's body but he never did.

The justice secretary has held a meeting with Marie McCourt, whose daughter Helen was murdered by a pub landlord, prompting calls for a so-called Helen's Law.

Now Sheila and other campaigners want this law brought in, denying parole to those who refuse to reveal where their victim's bodies are.

Stuart Martin was found guilty of Jonathan's manslaughter.

He was jailed for seven and a half years, but released early on licence.

He has since died of a heart attack, but had never revealed the whereabouts of his victim's body.

Stewart Martin was jailed for Jonathan's murder for seven and a half years

Over the years, Sheila has searched tirelessly to find Jonathan remains.

Sheila says his former friends, family and associates may offer the only help to finding closure.

What's difficult is seeing his classmates walking around and they look across the road at me some of them and I see them grow into men, and I wonder what Jonathan would have looked like as a man, and I will never know that, to me he is still the same as he was when he died. So, I miss that, I really miss having watched him, my child, grow into a man. I miss that and I regret that, I regret it a lot."

Sheila Dolton, Jonathan's mother
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