A farmer from Sussex fears she will be forced to close her land to the public, after the government introduced a new licensing system for businesses which "exhibit" animals.

Church Farm near Lancing has welcomed visitors during the lambing season for 40 years but now needs a licence.

Jenny Passmore's family has been farming for five generations.

For the last forty years, they've invited the public in during lambing time to enjoy the experience.

Now, under the new Animal Welfare Regulations, farms which show animals to the public for "educational or entertainment purposes" must apply for a licence.

We were the first in the country to open to anybody and everybody. A lot of farms have always opened for locals. We're being compared with what I call 'set-up farms' which are great in their own way. But we're only open [to the public] for six weeks."

Jenny Passmore, Farmer

The government says the new regulations have been brought in to protect animals.

Jenny has now applied for and received the licence which costs £300 and lasts three years.

However she is unsure it will be worth the time and effort to apply again in the future.

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