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A man from Dorset has been jailed for more than five years after blowing up the house in which he and his ex-wife lived.

Ian Clowes, 67, had divorced from his wife Elaine the previous year, but they continued to live in the family home in Sterte Road in Poole, now converted into two flats.

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On the day of the explosion, Mr Clowes was due to hand over the key to his upstairs flat as his ex-wife had bought him out.

But at 2pm, the whole house blew up and collapsed.

Mr Clowes suffered 30% burns and Mrs Clowes escaped unhurt.

Much of the house was reduced to rubble Credit: ITV News Meridian

The court heard that Mr Clowes was heard saying "I just wanted to die".

Two gas cylinders, one still venting were discovered in the rubble of Mr Clowes flat.

The court heard that Elaine Clowes believed he tried to kill her.

Clowes has been sentenced to five years and four months in prison.

Mr Clowes suffered 30% burns in the explosion Credit: Dorset Police

Ian Clowes was aware that his ex-wife was at home at the time he caused this explosion and it is only through sheer luck that she was not seriously injured or worse as a result of his reckless actions.

Detective Constable Kate Rhodes, Bournemouth CID