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Wonky donkey rescued from watery ditch in Kent

The animal was unable to climb up the steep bank Credit: KFRS

A donkey has been winched to safety after becoming trapped in a water-filled ditch in Kent.

Firefighters along with the KFRS Animal Rescue Unit were sent to the scene at Bull Hill, Bethersden near Ashford on Saturday morning.

Rescuers had to put the ass in a sling Credit: KFRS

They found the donkey in two feet of water, unable to make it up the steep muddy bank.

The animal rescue team got to work and used the special animal rescue equipment to bring the donkey up to dry land.

A spokesman said the donkey appeared relieved once out of the water and soon gave a 'Hee-haw' of thanks to the crew.

The donkey with its rescuers Credit: KFRS