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D-Day 75: the story of my Great Uncle Jack

Poignant moments as Richard's family look at pictures of Jack Photo: ITV

This week across the UK, ceremonies are being held to commemorate those who took part in the D-Day landings in Normandy during World War Two.

We have been hearing stories from veterans who are still with us, and remembering those who did not return home.

Among them is the Great Uncle of ITV News Meridian's Richard Jones who died just hours after landing in France.

Jack was an apprentice carpenter Credit: Family

Jack Dunn was an apprentice carpenter who enlisted shortly after the war began and served in the Royal Engineers.

Their job was one of the most dangerous on D-Day, which was to clear the beaches of mines and other obstacles.

Hours after landing he was injured when an ammunition lorry exploded and he died shortly afterwards at 25 years old.

Jack's mother was hit hard by his loss.

My grandmother had a locked box which she kept all his letters in and various things to do with his life in the army, and that was never mentioned and the box was never unlocked in our presence."

– Barbara Jones, Jack Dunn's Niece

It wasn't until 30 years after Jack's death that Richard's great grandmother finally opened up after his aunt had been to visit his grave in France.

"He was her youngest child and her only son and therefore very special and her nephew had died not long before and I think people must have generally questioned whether those lives were worth the sacrifice."

Jack's name is on a memorial in Portsmouth Credit: ITV

Jack's name is on a memorial in Portsmouth to the men and women from the city who died in the second world war.

He's still remembered but Richard's mum and aunt regret he "wasn't talked about more".

Jack was 25 years old when he died Credit: ITV

Jack is being honoured this year as one of the 119 men from Portsmouth who died during the campaign to liberate France.

His name and his picture have just gone up in the street where he was born and where he lived.

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