Brighton artists moo've to next level with knitted camouflage

Two Brighton artists, known for blending models into backgrounds, are attempting to try something new with their art form.

Since ITV News Meridian filmed with Joseph Ford and Nina Dodd a year ago, their 'knitted camouflage' has gone global.

They are now looking to try to match woolly jumpers with moving targets.

Each shoot takes months of planning and design but as their ambitions become more complex, they say the work becomes more fun.

The artists have been working with each other for five years.

Joseph will find a setting and a person to photograph, and Nina creates custom knit-wear to blend them into the scene.

The knitted cow jumper is the 22nd photoshoot in their collection.

Nina's next challenge is to blend a model in with a viaduct.

The pair hope to launch a book of their work in the autumn.

  • Watch Andy Dickenson's report below