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Kent hairdresser urges stroke awareness following misdiagnosis


A hairdresser from Kent is asking doctors, and the public, to be more aware after her stroke was mistakenly diagnosed.

Three years ago, Christine Morgan from Tonbridge was working when she felt what she described as a '"whooshing noise"' and a headache.

Her on-call doctor, however, dismissed her symptoms as tonsillitis.

He looked in my throat and said I think you've got tonsillitis. Which was odd because I didn't have a sore throat or anything like that. A few days later my husband called 111 and described the pain on the back of my neck and they said that we ought to go to our emergency hospital."

– Christine Morgan

Less than a week later, Christine was having emergency brain surgery after discovering she had in fact suffered a bleed on the brain, and is now paralysed on her left side.

Her life with husband Dave is now very different, with him as her full-time carer.

Dave and Christine Morgan

When I explained it [my symptoms] to the next doctor in the exact same words, they got it. This first doctor missed it. I know they don't have long when they come out to see you, I'm sure. But you have to listen to what the patients says. It's so important."

– Christine Morgan

The on-call doctor has admitted there was a breach of duty and that Christine should have been sent to hospital immediately.

She says she will never know how different her life may be now if she hadn't been misdiagnosed, but wants everyone to be more aware of rarer symptoms.

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