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Police hunt convicted killer who may be in disguise

Police are appealing for help in finding a convicted murderer who went missing last month.

Joseph Bagley, who is 66, was jailed in 1978 for killing a taxi driver.

After being released, he was living in Kent on a supervised life license, but failed to show up for his curfew on 12th May.

He is thought to have links to Kent, Surrey and Buckinghamshire.

Police have released E-fit impressions of Bagley, who they say may have changed his appearance.

They are asking the public for help in finding Bagley, but warn not to approach him.

I believe that he could lash out if he feels threatened, or that he is going to be returned to prison, so I am asking the public not to approach him. If you know where he is, or have information that could help us to locate him, I ask you to call police immediately on 999.

– Detective Inspector Mark Parry