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Extinction Rebellion calls off drone protest at Heathrow

The group says it's still vigorously opposed to airport expansion Credit: PA

Extinction Rebellion has pulled out of plans to disrupt flights at Heathrow over the busy holiday period.

Police had pleaded with the climate change protestors not to go ahead with action on Tuesday, and nine further days over the summer, after warning them of the drain on the force's resources.

There had been fears activists might use drones in an effort to suspend flights, but a statement from the group today said they weren't planning to deploy them.

While reiterating their opposition to airport expansion, the group said they would not be taking direct action in this instance:

Extinction Rebellion will not be carrying out any actions at Heathrow Airport in June or July this year, aimed at causing disruption to holidaymakers and those planning to use the airport in this period.

The Heathrow Airport authorities will therefore not have to pause any summer flights.

Fear and apprehension have swirled around this action since an internal proposal was leaked to media. The subsequent accusation that Extinction Rebellion was willing to endanger life is a depressing and predictable smear.

What endangers life on this planet is the continued and unfettered release of greenhouse gas emissions that will lead to runaway temperature rise, and the breakdown of life as we know it in the UK and across the world. For absolute clarity therefore, Extinction Rebellion has not removed Heathrow Airport from its strategic planning.

The Government’s go-ahead for the Airport authorities to begin building a third runway could not be more incompatible with the imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally.

– Extinction Rebellion