Heroic driver rushes to rescue after runaway toddler darts into busy road

A toddler has had a lucky escape after running away from its parents and into a busy road.

The incident happened in the Kent town of Gravesend on Friday - and thanks to a quick-thinking motorist, didn't end in disaster.

CCTV footage from nearby houses shows a woman spotting the toddler running off the pavement and towards danger.

She quickly stops her car and chases after the child - but not before it manages to reach the busy road.

Luckily, a perfectly timed break in the traffic meant that the child was not injured.

The heroic motorist then calls 999; before the child is seen being reunited with its parents, who are visibly relieved.

Kent Police confirmed the incident had been reported by a member of the public, but had no further details on the identity of the woman.

On social media, a campaign has started to track down the identity of the woman who rushed to the rescue.