"He should never come out": calls for Kent killer to stay behind bars

Patrick Mackay

The son of a woman allegedly killed by Britain's longest serving prisoner says he is too dangerous to be released.

Patrick Mackay, formerly from the Dartford area, was convicted of three brutal slayings, including the brutal killing of a priest in the Kent village of Shorne.

Ivy Davies ran a cafe in Westcliffe on sea and was found battered to death at her home in 1975.

Her suspected killer Patrick Mackay was jailed later that year for the manslaughter of three other people.

Mrs Davies' son Victor is angry that Mackay is now being considered for release, even though he admitted to his mother's murder, and others, before retracting those confessions.

He says: "There are various other families that have been grieving for the last 44 years over various unsolved crimes against their family. Yes, he's served his time for the crimes that he has been convicted of and under the grounds of diminished responsibility. There's too many other crimes unsolved that are linked to him, that he hasn't come clean about, so how can he be a reformed character if that's the case?"

Ivy Davies' son Victor

One of Mackay's most shocking crimes was the killing of Catholic priest Father Anthony Crean in Shorne village near Gravesend.

Mackay eventually pleaded guilty on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson is leading calls to keep Mackay in jail and this former Detective Superintendent with Kent Police is backing that move.

Nick Biddiss, Former Detective Superintendent says: "He has been diagnosed as a psychopath. He should never ever come out. I mean, that man is likely and highly likely to kill again and where these people are coming from who've decided to release him, I don't know."

Father Anthony Crean

The parole board confirmed that a review into Mackay's case will take place in August when there will be a hearing.

It has said it will take all evidence into account and that public safety is always its number one priority.

Mackay will learn later this summer if he is to be released from jail after 44 years, something families of his victims say should never happen.

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