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Wiltshire barn goes up in flames after becoming target for arsonists


A farmer says thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused by arsonists who targeted his farm in Netheravon in Wiltshire, destroying his barn and equipment.

Fifty hay bales were set on fire which then spread to the barn.

It was one of two farm fires in the Meridian region at the weekend.

The second near Beaulieu in the New Forest is also being treated as arson.

Simon Bennett, Farmer

The fire started on Saturday, with ashes still smouldering by Monday evening.

A neighbour said they'd seen teenagers messing about in the hay, when minutes later a fire began to spread.

Farmer Simon Bennett says he's lost thousands of pounds worth of goods, and says it can be an occupational hazard.

He says: "I think every farmer, sometime during their life, their barn goes up in flames. There's several around here where it's happened. And nearly all of it is arson."

Barn fires are notoriously difficult to put out and can burn for days.

Luckily for Simon, the landowner's insurance will pay to supply a new building, however he has still lost fifty bales of hay.

Police are appealing for witnesses who may information.

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