The RSPCA is warning dog owners to look after their pets in hot weather.

The charity told us that owners shouldn't take the risk of leaving animals in warm cars.

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Even...when it's fairly overcast, temperatures can rise really quickly. Please don't take that risk with your dog's life."

Amy Ockelford, RSPCA

There were more than 8,000 reports to the RSPCA of dogs being found in hot cars in 2018.

Last year the RSPCA received

  • 131 calls about dogs in hot cars in Buckinghamshire

  • 111 calls in Berkshire

  • 115 calls in Oxfordshire

The overall number of calls is at a three year high.

  • WATCH: RSPCA Advice on what to do if you find a dog in a car

In an emergency we'd always tell people to dial 999."

Amy Ockelford

Their warning comes as temperatures could reach as high as 35 degrees over the weekend.

Saturday is likely to be the scorcher, with a fresher feel expected on Sunday.