'Don't take the risk'- teenager warns of life-changing damage after being electrocuted

Tegan on the platform just before she stumbles onto the track Credit: Network Rail

A teenage girl from Basingstoke who was electrocuted on a live rail line is sharing her story about the day she almost died.

Tegan Stapleton had been at the seaside with friends when she tried to reach her train by crossing the tracks. She went into cardiac arrest and suffered extensive third degree burns.

Tegan has spent more than six months in hospital during the last year

One year on and after months in hospital - Tegan is now warning others of the dangers of 'taking a risk' near railway lines.

Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse has her story:

Mike spoke to Tegan, her mum Sasha Mullings, Bournemouth station platform worker John Stanley and David Smith from Network Rail.