Driverless cars tested by blind veterans

Driverless cars tested by veterans Credit: ITV Meridian

A home in Sussex for blind ex-servicemen and women is testing driverless cars to help veterans regain their independence.

The autonomous pods use cutting-edge technology to navigate safely and are in use at Blind Veterans UK in Ovingdean.

The electrically-powered pod is called Arthur and capable of driving with no driver, only passengers.

The autonomous vehicle could give people like Mark Threadgold their independence back.

The pod can carry four people and travel up to 15mph. It uses lasers, GPS and other cutting edge technologies to navigate safely.

Transport Minister Michael Ellis says the government is keen to use driverless cars to make travel more inclusive.

The pods are being tested around the site for six months before, as Renata Gomes from Blind Veterans UK says, they venture further afield.

Autonomous vehicles can play a vital part in giving freedom back to those who've lost it.

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