A woman from Portsmouth has had a reunion with the man who saved her, her daughter and her grandson after a visit to the seaside turned into a fight for survival.

The incident happened when Natasha Staley was at Hot Walls Beach during the recent spell of hot weather with her 13-year-old daughter Darcey, and her grandson Archie - aged eight. The children were paddling in water which was deceptively shallow. Just minutes later, a strong current washed through the sea.

Darcey and her nephew Archie were swept further away from the beach and out to the entrance of Portsmouth Harbour. When Natasha entered the water to help them, she got into trouble too.

Their lives were saved by Martin Cook, a man on the beach who saw what was happening and swam out to rescue them. They were all pulled to safety by a passing pilot boat which was coming into harbour.

Natasha says the water seemed shallow, but things can change in an instant. She is warning other parents and grandparents to think twice about where they let children enter the water to paddle and swim, particularly during the summer holidays.

Richard Jones has the story. See his report below:

See the RNLI's summer safety campaign: 'Respect the Water #FloatToLive.Their advice is if you get into trouble in the water don't struggle..... just float.