Oxfordshire pub owner says he's 'lucky to survive' kitchen blast

A chef who suffered second degree burns during an explosion at a pub in Oxfordshire says he was lucky to survive the blast.

Sebastian Snow was preparing in the kitchen at the Lamb Inn in Crawley near Witney when a fire ball ripped through the building almost a month ago.

He had just turned on the gas ovens and was refilling the deep fat fryers with clean oil.

He says: "As I was filling up, this massive fireball just blew up from under my chair, followed by smoke, followed by debris flying around my head. I ran out of the kitchen and from that moment on I was just screaming for my manager to get the fire extinguishers out and hose me down basically. I just felt like I was on fire."

The kitchen fire doors and been blown off of their hinges during the blast

He suffered second degree burns to his face and hands. It's thought the quick reactions of staff throwing cold water over him saved him from more serious injury.

It is believed that a kitchen blow torch had over-heated and the gas exploded.

Four fire crews from Witney, Burford and Oxford dealt with the explosion when it happened on 18th July.

Five staff members, including Sebastian, were onsite at the time.

Sebastian was taken to hospital while a further two were treated at the scene by South Central Ambulance Service and then checked over at hospital.

He's still receiving treatment for his burns but this pub landlord knows how lucky he is.

Nearly a month on, the pub re-opened today (Tuesday 13th August) but the kitchens won't be back in full swing until the autumn.

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