Love Hurts: Two-part series on domestic abuse

How do you lead a normal life, free from fear, after you've been abused and beaten by your partner? That's the reality for a domestic violence victim who was attacked by her boyfriend and had to run away to find safety.

In the first of two special reports we look at domestic abuse which claims the lives of two women a week and affects many thousands more.

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Two million adults experienced domestic abuse last year and it can happen to anyone.

Young, old, rich or poor, you can find yourself in a relationship with somebody who mistreats you in a multitude of ways.

"One of the main things with psychological abuse is the mind games that they play, you know for example, moving things around the home, hiding key, laughing at us when we're upset, belittling us, making out you're mad yeah, making you think that you're crazy, changing passwords etc."

Domestic abuse victim, anonymous

According to Women's Aid, domestic abuse can include, but is not limited to, the following:

Information and support can be found at the following websites below:

Part two of this series on domestic abuse will follow.