A teenager hit by a car as she was walking along a pavement says she's lucky she wasn't killed.

Estella Langrish was on her way home after a meal out with friends, when she was hit on Hunts Pond Road at Park Gate near Southampton.

She suffered a broken arm and left unable to work for six weeks.

She was walking home just before midnight, when a car veered close to the pavement and hit her.

Estella was struck so hard, it broke her arm and smashed the wing mirror clean off.

Despite injuring Estella, the driver sped off without stopping.

She says: "Out of nowhere, bam, I just have this massive impact and feeling on my arm. All I remember is seeing a white car brush against my arm, I was crouching on the floor shouting 'I can't feel my hand'. I remember seeing the wing mirror landing on the ground next to us and the car just sped away."

The wing mirror broke off after it hit Estella

Her dad, John was called straight after the incident happened.

He says: "I got the call to say Estella had been knocked over by a car and then I heard Estella screaming in the background and it's just that sickening feeling he was this close to hitting her. That's the scary bit, thinking that he was 2 inches from taking her out really."

Estella has had to have an operation to fix a metal plate, which she will have permanently.

The teenager works in a nursery nearby but her injury now means she won't be able to work for six weeks.

Estella was hit just a few minutes walk away from her house where her family have lived for 30 years.

They are now calling for anyone who was in the area at the time to come forward with information.

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