1. ITV Report

UK Weather forecast: A bright afternoon across the Meridian region with temperatures on the rise in the coming days

Weather for the west of the region.

Weather for the east of the region.

This afternoon: A dry day with sunny spells, although cloud will bubble up at times. Maximum temperature 23 deg C (73 deg F).

Tonight: A dry evening and night across the region with some long clear spells developing. Becoming chilly in some rural parts, with the odd fog patch possible. Minimum temperature 7 deg C (45 deg F).

Thursday: A dry and warm day with some long sunny spells, although increasingly cloudy for a time in the north and west of the region. Maximum temperature 24 deg C (75 deg F).

Outlook for Friday to Sunday: Generally dry and settled with some sunny spells, but perhaps the odd shower on Sunday. Becoming very warm into the weekend, although an onshore breeze will keep coastal parts cooler.