Spirit of the South: The living history village ... Little Woodham in Gosport

The volunteers of Little Woodham pose for a photograph in 17th century clothing

Little Woodham is a tiny village in the middle of the town of Gosport in Hampshire. It is also known as the 'Living history village'.

The attraction is a technology-free zone with no electric lights, televisions, computers or central heating. The residents of Little Woodham are volunteers with a passion for history and a desire to share their knowledge with other people. The village provides an opportunity for the general public and schoolchildren to learn about what life might have been like in the seventeenth century.

The volunteers play the roles of tradespeople and craftspeople - demonstrating skills such as pottery, archery and lace making - while using the methods, material and tools of the time.

Richard Jones has been to meet them.

The village has a blacksmith who demonstrates how the job would have been done
Visitors asking questions about how things were done in the past