Free summer workshops helping with childcare costs and keeping children "off the streets" in Sussex

Free summer workshops are being run across Sussex Credit: ITV Meridian

Free workshops are being run across Sussex to help parents who might be struggling with the cost of summer activities.

The sessions offer children from families on lower incomes the opportunity to make the most of their holiday.

The workshops, called Street Bites, are run in areas where there is a real need for youth groups and services.

The free sessions focus on sport, art and games, with many children gaining new skills and hobbies as a result.

Council sports officer, George Gouet said "Some of them might hang out with the wrong crowd and waste their time when they could be here, learning new things and exerting all that energy they've got inside them."

Credit: ITV Meridian
The children gain new skills and hobbies during the workshops Credit: ITV Meridian

The main aim of the initiative is to keep children safe, active and off the streets.

Most of the funding for this scheme comes from the office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Credit: ITV Meridian

I would much rather see young people active like this than I would see them hanging around on street corners where they are vulnerable to being drawn into criminality."

Katy Bourne, Police & Crime Commissioner for Sussex
  • WATCH: Mother-of-three, Nancy Bawn said the workshops keep her children entertained

It's free...and it keeps them very entertained. It runs several times a week and what they do for the children is amazing."

Nancy Bawn, Mother-of-three