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Villagers protest as HS2 confirms hundreds of acres of trees will be cleared in Aylesbury Vale

Villagers in Buckinghamshire have staged a protest over plans to clear hundreds of acres of trees and shrubs to make way for HS2.

The work is due to begin next month to make way for the £88 billion railway line.

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The massive rail project is being reviewed amid delays and cost overruns, with a decision expected before the end of the year.

HS2 told us that a larger public event will be held next month to allow residents to voice their concerns.

They also say that tens of thousands of new trees will be planted as part of the construction.

“As announced by government at the start of the Oakervee review, limited preparatory works on the project will continue in parallel. We are currently working with the Department for Transport and our contractors to assess areas of ancient woodland and their impacts while the review is ongoing.

“In the Steeple Claydon area, vegetation clearance work is due to start in October, having been deferred following local feedback. We have rescheduled our engagement programme in line with the works, and are now planning a larger event to give more local people the opportunity to talk to the HS2 team about what’s happening in their area.

“A significant programme of tree planting will take place in the Sheephouse Wood and Decoypond Wood area from November, where we will be planting trees to establish new bat flight paths. Around 75,000 smaller trees and shrubs will also be planted to enhance existing woodlands and to establish new woodland areas over time.”

– HS2 Spokesman