NHS Bosses preparing to sell off derelict buildings at Brighton General to fund new health centre

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Hospital bosses have released extraordinary images revealing conditions inside Brighton General Hospital, as they prepare to sell off derelict buildings.

Large areas of the site have fallen into disrepair.

Much of it could be sold to pay for a new health centre.

But critics say the hospital land should stay in public ownership to provide social housing.

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There are no longer inpatients in these derelict areas, but many clinics still operate in other buildings on the site.

The NHS says they've outlived their usefulness and it wants to redevelop the site to create what it calls a new 'health hub'.

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The plan is to build a modern fit for purpose health hub."

Siobhan Melia

The imposing former hospital dates back to Victorian times, having originally been built as a workhouse.

The redevelopment plan would see a large area of the eleven acre site sold off for housing.

Critics argue this land should stay in public ownership to provide social housing for people on low incomes.

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We have in Brighton & Hove in terms of a huge waiting list, which council housing alone can't satisfy."

Barry Hughes

The redevelopment has hit delays, which the NHS says is partly due to Brexit uncertainty.

Once funding and planning permission has been secured, work could start here in 2021.