Parents of boy who died after falling off his bike join Reading cycle safety campaign

The parents of an 8 year old boy who died after falling off his bike are warning others about the dangers of not wearing a helmet

Leo Burton from Gosport died last June, suffering a bleed on the brain just hours after the accident.

His family are also teaming up with the Cycle Smart Foundation in Reading to call on a the government to change how it records date on cycle accidents.

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Leo's family are too traumatised to talk about the loss of their son on camera.

They've been working the Cycle Smart Foundation to raise awareness.

They've also written to their MP asking for cycle helmets to become mandatory.

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Cycle Smart Foundation argue that funding prevention is far more economical than spending on treatment for the injured.

  • How are cycle accident statistics recorded?

The Department for Transport is responsible for recording statistics on cycle accidents.

But they'll only record incidents that involved a collision and where the police are called.

As Leo's death wasn't an accident involving another vehicle, his death isn't recorded.