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Warning from parents after son's fatal cycling accident

Leo died after falling from his bike Credit: Family

The parents of an eight-year-old boy from Gosport, who died after falling off his bike, have joined a campaign to make a difference.

Leo Burton died after suffering a bleed on the brain just hours after the accident. He had not been wearing a cycle helmet.

  • Interview below with Gayle Rolfe, Cycle Smart Foundation

His family wants a change in how fatal child cycle accidents are recorded as Leo's death is NOT included in official Department for Transport statistics - because he wasn't involved in a collision and the police weren't called.

Hospital figures for England and Wales show that, between 2017 and 2018, just over 4,000 child cyclists were admitted into hospital. Yet statistics from the Department for Transport for 2018 show just 1,949 serious and slight injuries with five deaths.

  • Watch report by Mel Bloor below

Interviewees were Gayle Rolfe, Cycle Smart Foundation; Angie Lee, Founder, Cycle Smart Foundation; and Caroline Dinenage MP, Gosport, Con.

  • Watch interview below with Gerard Anderson, Child Brain Injury Trust

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