1. ITV Report

UK Weather forecast: Heavy, thundery spells of rain across parts of the Meridian region with warnings in force

Weather for the west of the region.

Weather for the east of the region.

This Evening and Tonight: Overcast skies will bring rain northwards during the evening and overnight. Rain will become heavy and perhaps thundery for a time this evening, but largely clearing by dawn. Winds will become strong on coasts for a time. Minimum temperature 9 deg C (48 deg F).

Tuesday: Some bright or sunny spells are likely with variable cloud. Some showers are expected during the afternoon and evening, with further rain possible later in the night. Maximum temperature 17 deg C (63 deg F).

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday: Rain clearing during Wednesday, perhaps sunny spells later. Chilly Wednesday night. Thursday and Friday will see sunny spells and scattered showers with sometimes blustery winds.