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Terminally ill army veteran's house burgled while he was in hospital

A terminally ill army veteran has told his sons he does not want to return home after his house in Shrivenham in Oxfordshire was burgled while he was in hospital.

James Coffey's medals, his car and his late wife's wedding ring were all stolen in the raid.

"He felt violated, he felt that the emotional connection to the house had just gone and therefore he didn't want to come and spend his last days in a place that had those feelings for him."

– Stuart Coffey, Son

James served in the army for more than five decades and only recently moved into the house to be closer to his children after having a stroke.

He's had a very colourful life in the army, he's done lots of things and worked with lots of units all over the world. He explained to me that he was hoping to be able to pass that on to his grandchildren, and those mementos would act as signposts for him to be able to pass those memories on and now they're all gone."

"The medals can be replaced by contacting the relevant authorities and so on, but the memories of those units and the good times he's had and the things that he's achieved, they can't be replaced."

– Stuart Coffey, Son

His two sons, Stuart and David Coffey are now calling for sentences to take the effect the crime has had on victims into account.

Stuart Coffey (left) and David Coffey (right), sons of James