• WATCH: CCTV shows the gang raiding the store in Bournemouth

Three members of a gang who helped an armed raid on a jewellers in Bournemouth have been found guilty.

Jonathan Oriba, Rowan McLaughlin were convicted of conspiracy to rob.

Sophie Rivers, 29 of Church Lane in Tooting, was also convicted on the same offence.

A 52 year old woman from Bournemouth was found not guilty.

Four other members of the gang from London had pleaded guilty of conspiracy to rob at previous hearings.

Darrius Ingram, Rhys Gregg-Ball, Shahid Sharif and Aktil Ford will be sentenced with Oriba, McLaughlin and Rivers on Thursday 28 November.

The gang made off with valuables worth more than £600,000.

  • "Well planned" and "dangerous" raid

The court heard how Sharif, Ingram and Ford, along with a fourth man who is still at large, travelled to the shop on Thursday 14 March.

At around midday they drove one of their bikes through the door of the jewellers into the shop.

Ingram threatened the security guard with a bottle of liquid and a Samurai sword, telling him he would cut his head off if he did not do as he was told.

Sharif help a second bottle of liquid used to threaten.

Tests showed this bottle contained a highly alkaline substance that could have caused severe chemical burns.

The entire raid was captured on CCTV and mobile phone footage from passers-by.

A major policing operation in London and Bournemouth arrested the seven suspects.

Dorset Police said it hopes the conviction will "send out a very stark reminder that Dorset is no soft touch."

This gang carried out a well-planned operation to target Franses Jewellers. They armed themselves with dangerous weapons in order to terrify staff working at the store and innocent members of the public to enable them to steal a large quantity of watches and jewellery.

Det Sgt Garry Knight, Bournemouth CID