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Paramedics treat 57 people after suspected chemical leak at fruit packing farm near Maidstone

Emergency services were called to Rumwood Green Farm in Langley at around 2pm on Wednesday following a suspected chemical leak.

Paramedics treated 57 people, believed to be staff at the plant, for carbon monoxide exposure.

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Police officers are expected to remain at the scene overnight. Credit: ITV News Meridian

More than 40 firefighters, an air ambulance and a specialist chemical unit were called to the scene on Sutton Road.

A chemical tent was set up at Maidstone Hospital, in preparation for the arrival of patients.

One person was taken to Pembury Hospital in Tunbridge Wells.

A chemical tent was set up at Maidstone Hospital. Credit: ITV News Meridian

The emergency services are likely to remain at the scene throughout the night to determine what caused the incident.