A couple from Abingdon say they're shocked that their petition to Parliament to raise awareness over IVF treatment has been shelved, due to the coming general election.

Ben and Emily Scott have been campaigning against what they call an "IVF postcode lottery" but now have a new fight on their hands.

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Emily and Ben Scott had been trying for a child for several years, before Emily was diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

They were advised to try IVF on the NHS, and have been campaigning to end the so-called IVF postcode lottery, where residents in some areas receive more treatment cycles, than those living elsewhere.

They'd launched a parliamentary petition on the IFV postcode lottery Credit: ITV Meridian
Emily and Ben Scott received this email from the government regarding their petition Credit: ITV Meridian

They'd launched a parliamentary petition, but were shocked to receive an email from the government, saying that all petitions are being shelved, due to the coming general election.

That means their issue may not be responded to, despite gathering more than ten thousand signatures.

  • Emily Scott:

Political commentators say there's a case for the rules to be changed when it comes to petitions.

  • Professor Stephen Fisher, Trinity College Oxford:

The Parliamentary Petitions team says that after the election the new government will decide if it wants to respond to previous petitions, but that's not binding.

Meanwhile, Ben and Emily say they're determined to fight for change, even as they continue the emotional journey of considering further IVF treatment.