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Oh My Cod! Fish and chip owner traps burglar from comfort of his home

A chip shop owner from Brighton who trapped a burglar in his store by closing the shutters has released CCTV of the incident.

The owner of the Preston Fish Bar on Beaconsfield Road - Ramez Khalil, who lives nearby - heard the window of the front door being smashed.

The burglar smashed the window and climbed inside Credit: Ramez Khalil

From his home, he was able to close the electric shutters, trapping the unsuspecting burglar inside until police arrived.

Mr Khalil closed the shutters electronically from his phone Credit: Ramez Khalil

Mr Khalil has been burgled three times in over a year already. He said he installed the security system to help tackle the criminals. The system is linked to his phone which could be monitored at all times.

The police arrived, armed with guns and tasers.

The police arrived, armed with guns and tasers. Credit: Ramez Khalil

Francesco Di Biase, who's 43, pleaded guilty to burglary and was given a 12 month Community Order.

  • Ramez Khalil- shop owner: