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Torches and effigies aloft in celebration at the Lewes Bonfire 2019

It wouldn't have escaped your notice that last night was bonfire night and no where else in the world is Guy Fawkes evening celebrated quite as spectacularly than in the Sussex town in Lewes.

It's thought around 30,000 people crammed the narrow streets last night as November 5th went off with a bang.

  • Andy Dickenson was there. Watch his report below:

As darkness fell on Lewes last night an eerie silence filled some neighbourhoods, but not here as brass bands, cowboys, sufragettes, Kings, Queens and the smugglers came out to play.

Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage among the effigies Credit: ITV Meridian

Legions of them swarming the town's narrow thoroughfares, torches aloft in a celebration that goes back centuries.

  • Mick Symes- Lewes Borough Bonfire Society:

The history of this event is as rich and varied as the tableuas and effigies are artistic and full of cheek.

Boris Johnson once again ridiculed, as was Nigel Farage, both awaiting their time at the stake.

  • What did spectators think?

While Guy Fawkes night may officially be over, the region's bonfire societies will continue celebrating for some weeks yet before the season goes up in smoke.