Flowers, ferns and grass...growing vertically? Europe's largest living wall in the heart of Kent

So-called 'living walls' are a way of making buildings look more natural by covering them in vegetation, growing plants on the outside walls.

It's a measure which can also help to reduce air pollution.

The innovation has been labelled a crucial part of a major expansion project in Kent which also promises to bring up to 500 new jobs to the county.

In Ashford, a shopping centre has almost finished building what will be Europe's largest installation of living walls.

At 25,000 square feet, it'll be the size of 60 double decker buses

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Covering 25,000 square feet, with 120,000 plants- grasses, ferns and flowers- growing up the side of the new extension to the Designer Outlet shopping centre in Kent.

Together, this will be Europe's largest living wall, in Ashford.

This will be Europe's largest living wall in Ashford Credit: ITV Meridian
  • Richard Sabin- Living wall specialist:

  • Europe's largest living wall in numbers:

It's taken two years to build Credit: ITV Meridian
  • Peter Coor- Centre manager:

While workers add the finishing touches ahead of the official opening on Thursday (07/11), these plants will keep the walls looking green, all year round.