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Taking to the skies- ex-RAF worker waits over 60 years to fulfil dream

A former RAF policeman in his 80's says he has achieved 'the ambition of a lifetime' by taking to the skies above Hampshire in a Spitfire.

John Allinson's granddaughter arranged the surprise. It was a thank you treat because the 85 year old has spent more than a decade as a carer, looking after his wife.

The twenty minute flight from Lee on the Solent took him over places like the Needles on the Isle of Wight.

  • Kerry Swain was there to see him take off. Watch her report below:

It's more than 60 years since John Allinson left the Royal Airforce, but flying at up to 230 miles an hour in a Spitfire, he looked as calm and comfortable as if he was on a bus.

Going up in the most famous plane of World War Two has been a dream since he joined the RAF at 17 where he served five years in the military police.

John Allinson joined the RAF when he was 17 Credit: John Allinson
The 1944 Mark Nine Spitfire John flew in Credit: ITV Meridian

John's grand daughter finally organised the flight he's waited 68 years to catch.

He travelled to Solent Airport from his home in Reading to board a 1944 Mark Nine Spitfire.

  • John Allinson
  • Lauren Allinson- Granddaughter, and Karen Allinson- Daughter-in-law:

John's Spitfire flight was organised as part of a campaign called 'No more Slippers' to challenge preconceptions about what older people are capable of.

Wonder what he'll do next?