Margate mum's warning after children suffer chemical reaction to holiday henna

A mother from Margate is warning against people getting henna tattoos after her children suffered nasty chemical reactions.

Vicki Hawkins allowed her four children to have the temporary tattoos from a shop at their holiday resort in Egypt, unaware that the salon was using black henna - which contains high levels of toxic dye banned in this country.

On the final day of their holiday staff offered to top up the henna and when the family arrived back home twins Brad and Joshua began to suffer nasty reactions.

Brad said, "I kept itching and itching it, when we finally got back I lifted up the sleeve of my t-shirt and realised i had massive blisters."

It wasn't long before sister Bethany and the youngest of the four Matthew started to experience pain and itching.

Vicki and her family were on holiday in Egypt.

All four were taken to hospital and are now having to take pain killers several times a day with doctors expecting the healing process to last 18 months at least.

Both Brad and Joshua are also likely to suffer life-lasting burns.

The recovery could take up to 18 months.

Vicki said, "I think it's hit us by shock, you just don't think something like that will happen to you. I've gone through all the emotions from being upset being angry, thinking why did I let them do it, wish I hadn't of let them do it. We've certainly learnt a lesson".

The tattoos were performed at a shop on the hotel complex and Vicki presumed it was safe.

In a statement On The Beach, the provider of the package holiday, said:

"On the Beach takes customer health and safety extremely seriously and we work with our hotel partners to make sure that the correct standards and processes are in place."

They've since removed the hotel from its search engine.