One man becomes the first person to cycle a million miles!

Huge celebrations for a man from Aldershot who has become the first person to cycle a million miles!

Russ Mantle achieved the feat near Farnborough earlier.

The 82 year old started cycling way back in 1951 and, after completing his millionth mile, he said he's got no plans to stop now.

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Out of all the miles he's cycled, this was undoubtedly one of the most special.

Russ Mantle completing his one millionth mile in front of supporters from far and wide.

Russ hopes to cycle a million more miles before he turns 100 Credit: ITV Meridian

It's something Russ has been doing since 1951, averaging 14,700 miles a year.

He recorded many of them in paper diaries in the early days, as a lifelong passion began.

  • Russ Mantle

Many certainly know who Russ is now, and a national cycling group is looking to build on his achievements by encouraging one million more people to take up cycling over the next five years.

  • Nicola Marshall -Cycling UK

As for the man himself, he just wants to keep cycling for as long as he can.

Now that would be special.

In the meantime, Russ will savour what he's achieved.

Tomorrow, there's a good chance he'll get on his bike again to add a few more miles to his ever growing list.