The 'game-changing' ultrasound probe, instantly on a smart phone

Doctors in Southampton are the first in the UK to trial a pioneering ultrasound probe which scans instantly to a mobile phone.

It's being used to diagnose and treat critically ill children at the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

The device has been described as a 'game-changer' and the makers believe it could help millions around the world.

  • Watch Rachel Hepworth's report below:

Five week old George has been in intensive care since he was three days old- a viral infection affecting his heart.

He needs constant monitoring but that has been made a lot easier by this device- a portable ultrasound probe, connected to a smart phone, giving instant scan results.

The smart phone gives doctors instant scan results Credit: ITV Meridian

George is one of dozens to benefit as the probe is trialled at Southampton's paediatric intensive care unit. Connecting to an app, it's a fraction of the cost of regular scanners.

  • Dr Michael Griksaitis- PICU Consultant, Southampton Children's Hospital

The trial's been so positive they're extending it to paediatric ambulances in Southampton but the American manufacturers say the advances in technology could have global benefits.

Two thirds of the world still has no access to medical imaging whatsoever.

It's hoped that a more affordable portable device like this could revolutionise diagnosis and treatment, not just for the few but for millions around the globe.

  • Dr Ollie Ross- PICU Consultant

While there's no substitute for the skill of medical staff, pocket technology like this will only make life easier for doctors and patients like George. We can expect to see them more widely usd in the future