The invisible cleaners who make our streets spick and span

They're out before dawn, while we're still asleep, making sure our towns and cities are spic and span and now a street cleaning team from Oxford has been named 'the best'.

Workers at Oxford Direct Services spend their time washing our pavements, picking up our rubbish and emptying the bins to keep the city clean and clear of debris. Now they've been rewarded for their hard work.

  • Penny Silvester joined them in the early hours to see them in action. Watch her report below:

There's a hidden army of workers on the streets in Oxford everyday before dawn clearing up after our mess.

At the depot there's time for a quick brew before the team hit the streets at five.

The speed they work at means a lot of cleaning, particularly on the machines, is done before any of us hit the streets.

It's a job that most of us wouldn't want to do.

  • Colin Bardell- Street Cleaner

At this time the binmen, litter pickers and road sweepers seem to everywhere you look.

It's a finely tuned operation.

  • Paul Strong- Street cleaner

The covered market is every bit as important as the streets that are open to the elements.

These workers are for the most part invisible but valuable to the people who live and work in this city.

Cleaner at the Covered Market Credit: ITV Meridian

An invisible army maybe but the national award for best street cleaning team puts them right into the spotlight.

People start arriving in Oxford at 8am - 8:30am ready to start working.

  • Ian Thompson- Oxford Direct Services

Tomorrow morning while we're all still in bed dreaming the team will be out on the streets doing it all again.