A children's psychiatrist from Berkshire says he is being forced to leave the country, because Home Office officials will not allow his Indian-born mother to stay.

Dr Warikoo, was born in India, but became a British citizen in 2014. His wife and 13-year-old daughter are also UK citizens.

He's worked in the NHS for 15 years, and says if his family can't stay together he will quit his job and move to Australia.

For the past four years he has made numerous representations to the Home Office to allow his 71-year-old mother to remain in Britain, but he still hasn't had an answer, so has reluctantly taken the decision to apply for work in Australia.

Nishchrint Warikoo currently works throughout Hampshire and Sussex for the NHS as well as looking after his mother Phoola.

The Home Office says it is reviewing his case and they will be in contact in due course.

There are hundreds of people like me, doctors, nurses, other professionals who are in the same situation also thinking like me should we stay or should we go. For recruitment, the NHS is trying to invite doctors and nurses from around the world but it's not very welcoming. They say you can come and work for us but your families are not welcome - that doesn't work."

Dr Nishchint Warikoo, NHS Child Psychiatrist

I feel so happy because my family are here, my son, my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter but it becomes painful for me to hear they will not let me stay. Mostly when I tell my granddaughter we are leaving it becomes so painful for me when she cries. Why should she leave this country, she has got her friends her school, she doesn't want to leave."

Phoola Warikoo, Mother
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Interviewees: Dr Nishchint Warikoo, NHS Child Psychiatrist & Phoola Warikoo, Mother