• Video report begins with an interview with Carl, a man who has been rough sleeping for two years.

Brighton and Hove City Council insists it is 'committed' to tackling homelessness despite criticism of a public consultation.

The authority started an online survey - as asked by the Government - asking people what they think should be done to deal with rough sleeping as part of its five-year strategy.

However, Sussex Homeless Support, a charity which provides two double decker buses for people to sleep each night believes it's a waste of time.

"They only need to ask four or five experts in the city and they could get every answer they needed.

"Where is the money going? There is no way anybody that is running this city can tell me they are spending the money correctly and that the money is being passed down to the people who need it.

"We're in a city which is one of the richest cities in the United Kingdom. The council is trying, but they're not trying in the right direction. I feel it's a constant squabble between local and central Government. At the end of the day the guy on the street sees nothing."

Brighton and Hove has one of the highest areas of rough sleepers, a count in September found 78 people were sleeping rough - the same as in 2018.Councillor John Allcock is Deputy leader of Brighton and Hove City Council,

"This administration is working very hard and is very committed to preventing homelessness. We've worked with 500 homeless people this year and also prevented 400 people through other processes from becoming homeless.

"Part of our commitment is to deliver a 365 year day-a-week night shelter which we hope will open in December. We're trying to open our severe weather night shelter more often."

The survey is open until 8th December.