A teenager from Swindon, who's been battling with a rare type of leukaemia, has been granted her biggest wish - to become a detective for the day.

Victoria Brown who's 14 has had a tough couple years in and out of hospital - receiving treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

But with the help of the Make a Wish charity and Wiltshire Police, Victoria became a Detective Superintendent for a day.

Victoria was involved in solving a 'mock murder' at a farm. She dressed up with forensics and gave a statement to the press.

Victoria gave a mock press conference Credit: ITV Meridian

DCI Darren Hannant acted as Victoria's deputy for the day. The she was able to interview a suspect.

Back at the police station Victoria put her detective into practice. A suspect was brought in and it was time for him to face the music.

Juliette Fletcher has been to meet her.