Two thirds of adults likely to have to care for a loved one in their lifetime.

  • WATCH: Kerry Swain meets one man who has given up work to care

More than two thirds of adults are likely to have to care for a loved one, many before they reach retirement age.

On Carers Rights Day, charity Carers UK are raising awareness of the importance of caring for those who care.

Among those who've given up full time work to look after family is Raj Kaushik from Southampton.

He gave up a successful career as a dental hygienist in America to become a full time carer for his brother-in-law and his wife's parents.

t's very hard you know. My wife says to me we never had a holiday for so many years, ever since I've come never for one night we went anywhere, we are here for them. It's not that I regret though it's something which is very fulfilling."

Raj Kaushik

Up to 600 people a day give up work to care for a loved one who is older, disabled or seriously ill.

Unpaid carers save the UK economy and estimate £132 billion a year.

It is not only me here I've heard there are millions of people who are unsung heroes, for how long will they be unsung?"

Raj Kushik

Carers UK is calling on the next government to tackle the challenges facing the social care system.