Health Secretary tours Southampton General to promote hospital food

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock was at Southampton General Hospital today to promote the improvement of hospital food.

The Conservative manifesto for the 2019 election includes a pledge to improve hospital food, if re-elected.

  • Health Secretary, Matt Hancock:

TV personality Prue Leith joined Mr Hancock on a tour of the kitchens at Southampton hospital.

The pair were invited by staff to make an omelette in the hospital kitchen.

A review into hospital food is a pledge in the Tory manifesto 2019 Credit: ITV Meridian
The pair were invited to make an omelette in the hospital kitchen Credit: ITV Meridian

Bake Off presenter, Prue Leith, insisted her visit wasn't political, saying she would support anyone willing to make hospital food better.

Prue Leith's son, Danny Kruger, a former chief speechwriter for David Cameron, was recently selected as the Tory candidate for Devizes, in Wiltshire.

  • TV personality, Prue Leith