Remains of 1400 year-old woman have been unearthed by accident!

The remains of a young Anglo-Saxon woman, have been discovered on a university campus in Canterbury - by accident.

Archaeologists believe the woman is in her 20's and had been underground for more than 1400 years.

She is thought to have been buried around the year 580 - just before St Augustine arrived and built the abbey in Canterbury.

The woman was unearthed by developers working in the grounds of Canterbury Christ Church University, at the site of a new £65 million building.

A silver, garnet-inlaid Kentish brooch, an amber and glass bead necklace and a knife were found buried alongside the woman.

A silver brooch was found buried alongside the woman Credit: ITV Meridian
A necklace and a knife were among the discoveries Credit: ITV Meridian

Archaeologists say the burial site could open up an entire new area for investigation into the city's rich history.

The site is on the grounds of Canterbury Christ Church University

Scientists and archaeologists will continue to study the bones.

It is hoped this will provide an insight into the life, death and burial of the Anglo-Saxon woman.

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